New York Radio Host Goes On An Epic Rant About The Jets And Aaron Rodgers' Injury (VIDEO)

is a die-hard New York Jets fan and like every Jets fan he’s been anticipating the 2023 season because the Jets finally have a real quarterback with Aaron Rodgers.

And just like every Jets fan, Tierney had his heart shattered into pieces when Rodgers went down with a season-ending torn achilles injury on Monday night just four snaps into his Jets debut.

On Tuesday, Tierney opened the  show with a passionate monologue about the Rodgers injury, what Jets fans have been through and where the team goes form here.

It was the most passionate take on the subject we’ve seen.

Here’s the full monologue:

Tierney is spot on that the New York Jets do have talent to be a playoff team. Unfortunately, it was pretty much the same roster a year ago and we saw Zach Wilson derail the Jets season with his horrid quarterback play.

Super Bowl aspirations are certainly gone for the Jets but maybe Zach Wilson can be good enough for the Jets to win enough games to be a playoff team? I mean after all, they did beat the reigning AFC East division champs last night.