Sylvester Stallone squares up to Pope Francis in Vatican City: ‘Ready? We Box!’


Coming soon: “Rocky X: Rocky Balboa vs. the Pope.”

Sylvester Stallone met Pope Francis on Friday in Vatican City, Rome, in a sweet moment.

A clip of the interaction , the platform previously known as Twitter, by Vatican News shows Stallone, 77, and Francis, 86, shaking hands before he introduces the head of the Catholic Church to his family.

Sylvester first introduces his , and then their three daughters,  and the couple’s three children — Sophia, 27, Sistine, 25, and Scarlet, 21, as well as their son, Frank Stallone.

“Three, so many!” Francis jokes about the many Stallone women.

“Thank you very much for taking time from your busy day,” Sylvester added. “We appreciate this very much.”


Both men expressed they were “honored” to meet each other, with Francis adding with the help of a translator, “We grew up with your films.”

A delighted Stallone then got into his famous “Rocky” boxing stance and joked, “Ready? We box!”

“Ready? We box!” Stallone joked.

The meeting ended with the Stallone family and Francis posing for a photo.

Sylvester first portrayed Rocky Balboa in 1976. The “Rocky” franchise has since spawned nine movies, including starring Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors — and not Stallone.