These are my 10 relationship commandments — no porn, strip clubs or female friends

They’re her 10 commandments.

A Los Angeles influencer has been hit with backlash on TikTok after revealing the rules that she and her boyfriend have agreed upon for their relationship, with detractors describing her as “insecure,” “controlling” and “weird.”

Gia Aldisert, 21, discussed the 10 rules that she believes help keep her six-year romance rock solid in , which has quickly clocked up more than 8.4 million views.

“Let’s talk about 10 controversial things in my relationship,” the model and college student declared, before adding that she and her man “completely trust each other and started dating at a really young age.”

First, Aldisert revealed that she and her beau have agreed to share their cellphone locations with each other at all times.

The influencer insisted it was for “safety” reasons and not so she could track his whereabouts due to a lack of faith in his fidelity.

“Neither of us has anything to hide, so it would be kind of suspicious if we didn’t want to each other to see our locations,” she explained.

Aldiesert and her boyfriend have also agreed to share their passwords with each other, as they believe it is also a sign of trust and transparency.

Meanwhile, four of Aldisert’s relationship rules revolve around things that she and her boyfriend are not allowed to do: no watching porn, no visits to strip clubs, no liking of “thirst traps” on Instagram and no following of models of the opposite sex on social media.

“I’m not cool with porn,” Aldisert explained. “I honestly think it’s really toxic for your mind, it gives you unrealistic standards, and it’s super addictive.

“My boyfriend and I practically live together so it just seems very unnecessary,” she added.

The model also maintained that liking “thirst trap” photos on Instagram or following sexy social media stars shows a lack of respect for the relationship, which is why they are both strictly outlawed.

While some might find these rules restrictive, several of the other relationship rules have been specifically set so as to emphasize their respective freedoms.

They are both allowed to go on “boys’ trips” and “girls’ trips,” and are both able to go out to nightclubs.

Both Aldisert and her beau are also allowed to have friends of the opposite sex — but there are set parameters.

“We just can’t be best friends [with a member of the opposite sex],” the TikTok user explained. “We are each other’s best friend, so we need to be each other’s priority.”

Their final relationship rule pertains to the prospect of marriage, with the pair agreeing they won’t tie the knot until they’re both financially “free.”

“I’m still in college, I need to be financially free before we get married,” Aldisert declared. “Not only are we super young, but weddings are expensive as f–k. Me and my boyfriend are both extra and we’re going to want to have the biggest, most insane wedding you’ve ever seen.”

The clip quickly courted significant backlash, with many viewers blasting Aldisert and her boyfriend for their rules.

“‘We trust each other’ … proceeds to monitor location, phone and forbid the man from doing completely harmless stuff like having close female friends,” one detractor declared.

“I feel like they’re gonna break up before being financially stable,” a sassy cynic sniped.

“I wouldn’t survive in this relationship for not even a month,” a third railed.

However, there were numerous people who supported Aldisert and believed the couple’s rules weren’t controversial in the slightest.

Others didn’t like the rules per se but realized it was the TikTok star’s choice to set them up and her boyfriend’s choice to freely follow them.

“I don’t agree with many of these but boundaries in everyone’s relationships are going to be different,” one stated.