This raunchy act is the key to a sizzling sex life, experts say

Want better sex?

Let your lover play alongside you the next time you’re enjoying a solo session.

Researchers have discovered that mutual masturbation helps boost sexual satisfaction — meaning it may be the surprisingly simple secret to a sizzling sex life.

Forget adventurous new positions or racy role plays: self-pleasuring in the presence of a partner appears to enhance actual lovemaking.

The saucy study, led by psychology professors at the University of Southampton in the UK, surveyed 268 participants about their intimate activities and associated emotions. The results were published by the

“Mutual masturbation refers to the presence or involvement of a partner(s) during self-stimulation, which may occur before, during, after, or without any other sexual activity,” the professors explained.

The 268 participants consisted of 117 women and 151 men ranging in age from 18 to 65 years, all of whom were in relationships.

While masturbation is typically thought of an as activity conducted alone, academics discovered it was surprisingly common for couples to play alongside each other.

Just over half of those surveyed (50.7%) said that they had indulged in mutual masturbation in the two weeks prior to taking the survey.

The participants were subsequently quizzed about 23 feelings regarding their sex lives and were asked to rate the strength of each one on a scale of one (not at all) to five (very strongly).

Those who engaged in mutual masturbation were likely to report higher numbers when it came to positive feelings than those who did not self-pleasure in the presence of a partner.

“Engaging in mutual masturbation might increase couples’ sexual repertoire and enhance sexual satisfaction,” the researchers declared.

Meanwhile, the steamy study also revealed that both women and men masturbate at similar rates, refuting the old stereotype that males are more likely to self-pleasure.

According to the study, 63% of male participants masturbated without another person present in the “few days” prior to taking the survey.

Meanwhile, 56% of women admitted to getting frisky on their own in the same time period.

Those findings corroborate a conducted by sex toy company Tenga.

Researchers surveyed 10,000 adults in nine countries for that study, finding that women masturbate almost as frequently as men.

However, the technique differs by gender: Three in four men  to get off, though only a little over half of women do so. In addition, almost 40 percent of women use an external vibrating toy, compared to just over 5 percent of men