I’m taking boyfriend applications —I’ve already got 3,000 candidates

If you wanna be her lover, you gotta… fill out some administrative paperwork.

A Dutch singleton who has never been in a relationship has composed a “boyfriend application” in a bid to find her soulmate — and she already has thousands of candidates.

Vera Dijkmans, 23, to share a video showing the form that she requires potential suitors to complete, asking questions about their work and relationship history.

“Some people think it’s weird that I use an application to find love but overall the response has been positive with a lot of candidates,” Dijkmans, who now lives in London, told  .

“It’s hard dating in 2023, so I want to know who’s a good candidate right away and if we will be a good fit,” the beauty added. “My DMs are really full so it’s hard to count [the number of applications] but I’d say I’ve already had around 3,000 within 24 hours.”

A screenshot of the application shows that the OnlyFans model — who claims she makes $360,000 a month on the site — first asks for basic factual information, including the suitor’s name, age and location.

The model also inquires about the applicant’s astrological sign and how many ex-girlfriends they’ve had, before proceeding to a series of “yes or no” questions.

Dijkmans asks whether the man has a full-time job, a working car and any current “booty calls.”

She also includes other quirky questions, including whether or not the man likes watching cartoons.

Despite being single, the stunner says she isn’t willing to compromise on the qualities she wants in her dream man.

“I’m ready to settle down and be serious,” Dijkmans declared. “But he needs to be funny, have good taste in music and his own income. He also has to be loyal and someone who watches cartoons.”

After unveiling the application, the blond beauty was inundated with completed questionnaires from eager men.

Among the daters desperate for Dijkmans’ attention was one man who tried to bypass the requirements, saying he lives with his parents and doesn’t have a car — but owns two boats.

In her interview with NudePR.com, Djikmans dished further details on how she envisions her first date with her dream man.

“I would come dressed up, I want to make an impression on the person I’m trying to date and I’d expect the same in return,” she explained. “I would judge them if I can tell they’re not making any effort to look good for me, ’cause I’m doing the same thing for him.”

“However, I’d rather pay for myself, just to make sure there’s no weird power play at stake,” the model clarified. “Paying for yourself also means you don’t owe anyone anything.”

Djikmans is currently an OnlyFans model who shares kinky content with paying subscribers.

Back in January, the single stunner after revealing that one of her high school teachers was paying for her racy snaps.

The amorous educator even contacted Djikmans directly, offering to pay her $1,200 for a personalized lingerie snap.

“He tried to keep his identity hidden but I recognized his face and realized it was my old school teacher,” she stated.