‘Forrest Gump’ actress Hanna Hall looks unrecognizable all grown up

Movie buffs have been left jaw-dropped after seeing what this famous child actor looks like now.

It has been nearly 30 years since the iconic feel-good filmhit our screens and instantly became a Hollywood classic.

It went down in history as one of Tom Hanks’ best performances, and won six Oscars, including Best Picture (beating out  and ), Best Director, and Best Actor.

On a budget of $55 million, it grossed nearly $680 million at the box office, becoming a bona fide hit.

Many lines from the film have been firmly cemented in popular culture forever (“life is like a box of chocolates” anyone?).

“Run Forrest, Run” is another famous one – who could forget little Jenny Curran yelling this to Forrest as he broke free of his leg braces to escape a pack of bullies?

With her big blue eyes and wavy blonde hair, little Hanna Hall, who was just 10 at the time of filming, won hearts around the world in her powerful role as childhood Jenny.

Now 29 years later, fan are losing their minds at seeing her all grown up.

Speaking toabout how she landed the gig, Hall explained that it was very unexpected.

“It was very random. Nina Axelrod, my manager, was tired of LA and moved out to Colorado to teach classes,” the now nearly 40-year-old said.

“She had a relationship with an agency that she would get represented by and she had an open casting call in the newspaper when I was seven years old.

“My mother didn’t want to take me. It was a Sunday afternoon and she really didn’t want to go, so I went with some friends and Nina ended up liking me.

“They called me back a couple of times and sent my tapes from Colorado to LA and they ended up casting me.”

After Forrest Gump, the young actor went on to play Cecilia Lisbon in back in 1999, as well as starring in a few TV series such as and 

Hall also played Judith Myers in the cult horror flick  (2007), with her character being mercilessly butchered by her younger serial killer brother, Michael.

But there is no doubt that she is best known for her role as Jenny in Forrest Gump, with many fans of the movie having no idea what became of her after the film.

Interestingly, Hall revealed that acting was not something she saw herself doing long-term.

“It wasn’t a career that I was necessarily interested in at the time, but it was definitely something that I always enjoyed doing,” she told 

“I was so young that I don’t think I even questioned it. That first film was a very organic experience.

“When you’re that age, you don’t question the fact that it’s not you. You understand that the character is not you, and the older you get, the more your character’s [struggles] get in your head.

“At that age, it was very clear that this was something that I was playing. It had nothing to do with me or my life. That distinction is a lot clearer when you’re young, for some reason.”