My boyfriend had sex with a dying friend as their final wish — and I’m jealous

Her “final wish” was to get laid.

A woman on  revealed her boyfriend cheated on her with his terminally ill friend because it was her dying wish.

“I can’t express my jealousy because she’s dead anyway,” she scoffed. “It was probably something like how she didn’t want to die a virgin.”

Even though the friend allegedly passed away in March 2022, the girlfriend can’t overcome her partner’s betrayal.

“I hate myself because I get angry inside whenever he mentions her,” she continued. “I don’t even know who initiated it.”

“My boyfriend and I had never even had sex all the way then.”

She found out about the affair, which happened in 2021 when a mutual friend spilled the beans. The pair did the deed during a group trip with friends, which the girlfriend declined to attend. She admits not going on the trip “bit me in the a— later.”

Though shocked by the revelation, she knew the sexual encounter wasn’t romantic because “he was never attracted to her,” but the friend “did have a secret crush on him.”

“They totally had emotional sex because of her condition,” she added.

Tired of hiding her feelings, she confronted her lover about the cheating allegation and he confessed.

“He only did it because of their platonic relationship and her impending death,” she explained. “He wouldn’t have done it in other circumstances.”

Although the couple have been together for over three years, her boyfriend struggled to reveal what he did out of fear of losing his girlfriend.

“He didn’t tell me because he didn’t know how I’d react and was afraid that I’d dump him,” she shared. “He didn’t want to hurt me.”

Aside from this situation, she claims he has been a good partner, even when he’s at his lowest point.

After forgiving her partner, the couple plans to work toward repairing their relationship. She reveals her boyfriend is committed to “gaining her trust back” while she agrees to “work on things.”

However, she finds it difficult to comfort her unfaithful boyfriend, who is still mourning his friend who he cheated on her with.

“I think it’s so messed up that sleeping with him specifically was one of the dying girl’s dreams,” she mentions. “Maybe she just didn’t care anymore because she was going to leave us anyway. I’m still conflicted.”

Meanwhile, her boyfriend claims, “If he could, he would’ve asked me for permission, but would have felt “guilty about not fulfilling his friend’s wish when she dies.”

Fellow Reddit readers think her beau was off the hook too easily for his sneaky antics.

“Dude, what? I would do a lot of things for a dying friend’s last request, but disrespecting my relationship and cheating to give them one last thrill is out of the question,” commented one person.

“I don’t think he’s as innocent as you’re attempting to brainwash yourself into thinking,” added another.

“He had an opportunity, took it, then regretted it, as most cheaters do,” agreed a reader.