I’m an ‘affair consultant’ — this is how to fight the urge to cheat

Before you betray your boo — here are a few things you can do. 

Resisting the temptation to cheat on a spouse or significant other can be hard work. But a self-crowned “affair consultant” is virally advising wannabe two-timers to keep it in their pants for the sake of their relationships. 

“, even when you’re married or in a committed relationship, is normal,” Lauren LaRusso, an infidelity and affairs therapist from Old Saybrook, Conn., told a digital audience of more than 1.1 million Instagram viewers. “After all, we’re not dead yet.”

In the brunette’s viral post, the cheating guru offered folks on the brink of infidelity a series of tips aimed at helping them snap out of it.   

“But,” continued LaRusso, “if you feel yourself tempted to step out of your marriage and have an affair or be unfaithful, take that as a serious warning sign for your marriage.”

Rather than acting out of impulse and jumping into bed with the extramarital objection of their affection, however, LaRusso suggests three marriage-saving measures a would-be scoundrel can take. 

“One,” she began, “you can go to your spouse and use it as a wake-up call.”

“Say something like, ‘I think our marriage is at risk. Let’s talk about how I’m feeling,’” she said. 

LaRusso then encouraged those flirting with unfaithfulness to consider some expert intervention.

“You can pull your spouse aside and say that it’s time to go to couple’s counseling so that you have a safe and neutral space to talk about what you need in your marriage,” she said. 

Her final pearl of wisdom was all about looking inward. 

“Three,” she said, “You can return your focus towards yourself and ask yourself what is it that you’re needing and wanting that you’re finding yourself drawn to look for outside of the marriage.” 

LaRusso’s anti-cheating pointers are fairly tame compared to other forms of aid that some counselors provide, including the help of sex therapist Olivia Bentley — who .

And sex authority Dr. Emil Morse recently shared her own hot takes with The Post about how partners can in one night. 

But, unfortunately for LaRusso, not everyone appreciated her enlightenment.  

“As soon as you say any of those three things in a relationship, it’s doomed,” warned a social media skeptic. 

“Absolutely terrible advice,” spat a separate critic. 

“Individual responsibility,” continued the naysayer. “Don’t put onto your significant other that you have failed your end of the deal. It’s a commitment; love and honor them by honoring the commitment. Stop selfishly focusing on your needs and GIVE 100% and allow some time to pass.”

The virtual shade from detractors aside, in LaRusso’s clip, she insists that her love-life hacks are game changers. 

“All of these options are a lot healthier,” she argued, “and will definitely be more productive and less destructive than having an affair.”