Julia Roberts, 55, exudes pride while supporting her children as she flaunts toned legs on family vacation in Hawaii

Julia Roberts, known for her iconic role in the film Pretty Woman, recently embarked on a family trip to Hawaii. Accompanied by her husband and children, the actress was spotted enjoying the ocean waves while showcasing her lean legs in a stylish short wetsuit. Julia exuded happiness and a sense of pride as she enthusiastically cheered on her kids while they bodyboarded. In a heartwarming moment, she provided comfort and reassurance to her son following a wipeout.

Throughout their time on the beach, Julia and her husband displayed a strong bond, appearing supportive and in sync with one another. In addition to beach activities, the actress also took her children on a cultural adventure to a museum on the island. However, amidst the vacation fun, Julia had to set aside time to attend a memorial service for her sister. At the service, she delivered a deeply emotional tribute, demonstrating her strength and love for family. Ultimately, Julia appeared youthful and content throughout the entire trip, reminding us why she continues to be a beloved figure in Hollywood.