Julia Roberts Revealed a Rare Photo of Her Twins, Hazel and Finn, on Their 18th Birthday

Julia Roberts had a special celebration recently as her twins, Hazel and Finn, turned 18. In a heartfelt gesture, she shared a rare throwback photo of the twins on social media. The actress expressed her pride as a parent and her immense love for her children. The news surprised fellow celebrity Rita Wilson, who couldn't believe how quickly time had flown by. Roberts, who recently celebrated her 55th birthday, is also enjoying success in her career. Her latest movie, "Ticket to Paradise," has been well-received.

However, despite her accomplishments in Hollywood, Roberts values her role as a mother above all else. She has been happily married to filmmaker Danny Moder for 20 years and cherishes her family life immensely. One thing that sets Roberts apart is her openness about her parenting journey. She is not afraid to share her mistakes and fears of "blowing it" as a mother. This vulnerability resonates with many fans who admire her down-to-earth nature. As Hazel and Finn enter into adulthood, it is clear that Julia Roberts is a loving and devoted mother. Her rare photo and heartfelt sentiments are a testament to the deep bond she shares with her children. With a successful career and a thriving family, Roberts continues to inspire many as she navigates the joys and challenges of motherhood.