Fans express unhappiness with NCIS's disappointing announcement

NCIS recently made an announcement that has left fans feeling disappointed and unhappy. After airing its 450th episode, the show revealed that it will be taking a two-week break. This news has been met with frustration from viewers who have already been dealing with the show's inconsistent schedule. Despite this disappointing setback, there is some good news for fans. Both NCIS and its spin-off show, NCIS: Hawai'i, have been renewed for another season.

This announcement brings a sense of relief and excitement to those who have been eagerly following these shows. However, not all the news is positive. NCIS: Los Angeles will be coming to an end after 14 seasons. This decision has stirred up mixed emotions among both the cast and the fans. While some may be sad to see the show conclude, others might be eager to see how it all wraps up. Overall, the recent announcement from NCIS has left fans with a bittersweet feeling. The two-week break and inconsistent schedule have disappointed viewers. Nevertheless, the news of the show's renewals brings a sense of anticipation and joy. And even though NCIS: Los Angeles will be concluding, it marks the end of a successful run that has left its mark on fans and the cast alike.