It's Pumpkin Season! Here's Everything to Make This Fall

Caitlin Bensel

It's true that sweet tend to get all the attention come fall. But that doesn’t mean you should just stop there. Sure, you can go ahead and make your favorite and , but you should also take that can of pumpkin puree (or fresh pumpkin!) to make these savory pumpkin recipes. After all, pumpkin is one of those seasonal ingredients that can be both sweet or savory. "I think canned pumpkin puree is one of the best canned foods there is," Ree Drummond says. You can add it to creamy or cheesy , or even use it as a filling for homemade ravioli—when paired with browned butter and fresh sage, it's a that anyone would love!

If you've never cooked with pumpkin before, you'll find that adding to a pot of chili will give the dish a ton of earthy, hearty flavor. And just like your favorite , you can also roast pumpkin for a or a fun addition to a seasonal . No matter which dish you choose, these savory pumpkin recipes deserve a spot on your dining room table. Just be sure to save some space for a slice of !

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