Bill Belichick and longtime love Linda Holliday have awkward breakup


It seems that Bill Belichick has chick trouble.

Page Six hears that the legendary Patriots coach has split with

But the boss’s love woes are causing stormy seas around his usually peaceful Nantucket existence — and they’re even making team execs nervy.

Six-time Super Bowl champ Belichick has been with Holiday since 2007, but we hear that they’ve been involved in a drawn-out, back-and-forth breakup for nearly a year.

(In fact, we’re told Holliday has even been staying at his home lately, despite the split).

Complicating matters is that southern gal Holliday has got to be very fond of his New England haven Nantucket during their romance, and isn’t keen to leave the tight-knit island community just because she’s no longer with Belichick.


We’re told she wants to stick around.

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Meanwhile, it’s also a delicate situation for business reasons — not only does Holliday head his Bill Belichick Foundation but she also has something of a history of, er, oversharing on social media.

In 2021, she made headlines (and, we’re told, headaches, behind the scenes) for , the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, adding fuel to speculation that beef between Belichick and Brady had driven the most successful QB in history away from the Pats.

, a fan wrote on Instagram, “Too bad Bill let Tom go!” and Holliday shot back, “And you have all the answers evidently? Tom didn’t score last night…not once! Defense won that game. Were you even watching?”

Now we’re told the team bigs are nervously wondering what Holliday might choose to muse about online next, now they’ve split.

Reps for Belichick and the Patriots didn’t respond to our requests for comment.

Holliday didn’t get back to us either.