‘Sullen’ Laura Siegemund dines in NYC after losing to Coco Gauff

Laura Siegemund was still getting over her tense US Open defeat after in the first round of the tennis tournament on Monday.

The German tennis star was spotted having lunch with an unidentified male at Ruby’s Cafe in New York’s Murray Hill neighborhood on Tuesday, and a spy described her appearance as “sullen.”

“She had a black hat on, and kept her head down. Her head was down pretty much the whole time,” the source said.

Siegemund sat at a table outside and was facing Third Avenue, but seemingly went unnoticed, we’re told.

“No one recognized her. The door was blocking her profile and it felt like she was trying to avoid anyone seeing her,” the insider said.

We can only hope the restaurant was more welcoming than tennis fans at Monday night’s game, after she described them as having “no respect for me.”

The left her so upset, she sobbed during a post-match interview, and contemplated not returning to the Grand Slam tournament.

“I won here two times [in doubles and mixed doubles], every minute of every game I’ve played here, [I leave] everything out on the court and this is how they treat me?” a tearful Siegemund said during the post-match interview.

“In a match like that? Full stadium. Against Coco, who won two tournaments recently. And that’s the kind of performance I play? That’s why I play tennis. But to be treated like that,” she said.

Siegemund’s slow pace throughout the tournament irritated fans, as well as Gauff, who even for honoring Siegemund’s request after signaling she wasn’t ready for a serve.

“She’s never ready when I’m serving. She went over to talk like four times. You only gave her a time violation once. How is this fair?” Gauff said.

Siegemund acknowledged, “there is no doubt that I am slow,” in the post-match interview.

“There is no doubt about that I should be quicker… But at the same time, it’s how I play. I do it for me. I don’t do it against the other one,” she said. “Clapping when you miss the first serve, those kinds of things, I have no understanding for it,” she added.

Meanwhile, Gauff had famous political fans cheering her on. Barack and Michelle Obama surprised her after the tournament, and even offered her some advice, she told reporters.

A rep for Siegemund could not be reached.