Pen15: Why Maya Is The True Main Character (& Why It's Anna)

Hulu's comedy series Pen15 is praised as one of the best comedies of the late 2010s, capturing the essence of adolescence in 2000s America. The show revolves around Maya and Anna, two seventh-grade versions of the show's creators, who have a strong and dynamic friendship. While Maya is adventurous and open to new experiences, Anna is mature and independent. The show explores themes of growing up and the challenges of transitioning from childhood to adolescence. Maya's unrequited love and Anna's vulnerability add depth to their characters. Maya's vivid imagination and Anna's resilience further enhance the show's comedic moments. Anna's parents' pending divorce creates emotional moments and adds an element of mystery to the series. Anna also deals with tough situations such as racism and bullying. While Maya often leads the pair into trouble, Anna uses her quick-thinking to get them out of sticky situations. Maya's haircut on the first day of middle school sets the tone for the series. Overall, Pen15 is a hilarious and relatable show that tackles the ups and downs of teenage life.