10 Shows To Watch If You Liked Pen15

Hulu's new show Pen15 is a hilarious and awkward portrayal of adolescent years. The show captures universal moments of adolescence, while also serving as a time capsule to the early 2000s. For those who enjoyed Pen15, here are 10 other shows to watch. Derry Girls is a comedy set in Belfast during the Troubles, featuring relatable teenage struggles. Awkward and Red Oaks explore the challenges of teenage life and early adulthood. Atypical tackles the feeling of isolation, while Everything Sucks! and Broad City focus on nostalgia. Stranger Things and Sex Education both deal with coming-of-age experiences, and Freaks and Geeks offers a humorous reflection on adolescence. Finally, Big Mouth portrays the gritty and awkward realities of teenage bodies.