Skip Takeout and Chow Down on This Easy Chicken Lo Mein

Danielle Daly

While many have been saved by takeout food, there is something satisfying about whipping up a big dish of lo mein at home. It is not only easier than you’d think, it’s also a great way to get everyone to eat a big pile of vegetables, and love it! Because everything is tossed together and cooked so quickly in this , make sure to have all the ingredients measured and chopped before starting. Fry up some frozen potstickers for a crispy, delicious complement to this .

What kind of noodles are used to make lo mein?

Lo mein usually calls for thick and chewy fresh egg noodles. This recipe uses , which are fresh egg noodles made with wheat flour. They can be found in the Asian food section of the grocery store in pouches. Because they don’t need to be boiled in a pot of water, these fresh noodles can be tossed right in the pan after most of the vegetables and chicken are done cooking. The noodles cook with the sauce and a small amount of water added to the pan, making this a great ! If these noodles are unavailable at your local supermarket, one pound of dry linguine or spaghetti noodles can be used instead. Boil them in a separate pot of water and drain them before proceeding with the recipe.

What is the difference between lo mein and chow mein?

While they have some crossover with ingredients, these Chinese-American favorites do have some differences. noodles can either be fresh or dried. They are boiled until almost tender before they are pan-fried with lots of veggies and protein until the noodles are golden and crispy. This is different from the chewier lo mein noodles in their thick sauce. Both are very tasty and deserve a side-by-side taste test!