Bianca Censori hides her breasts behind a pillow during Italy stroll with Kanye West

This season’s hottest fashion accessory? A couch cushion.

Kanye West’s “wife” raised eyebrows in Florence on Wednesday sporting — this time accessorizing the controversial look with a purple pillow held strategically in front of her breasts.

The gawk-inducing get-up is just one in a string of attention-demanding ensembles sported by the Yeezy architect and the “Heartless” rapper during their Italian adventure, which included a run-in with the law in Venice following a now-infamous where the was caught with his pants down.

In Florence, Ye opted for the familiar all-black with a scarf mostly covering his face, while Censori sported sheer tights and a top, possibly made out of pantyhose.

West, 46, and Censori, 28, were banned for life by Venetian water taxi company Venezia Turismo Motoscafi, and are reportedly for possibly breaking “standards of public decorum” during their revealing ride.

“The images show the couple clearly in a state of intimacy, and if the local prosecutor decides to press charges then we will notify the couple, most probably through the relevant embassies,” a law enforcement source told, adding that local authorities have received “complaints from people who witnessed” the ordeal.

“The offense being investigated is acts contrary to public decency, which is punishable by an administrative sanction,” the source continued, noting that “any breaches are severely punished.”

As the trip drags on, body language expert Judi James for the Daily Mail amid fans’ fear that by the “American Boy.”

James claimed Censori’s recent “wary glances” and “blank” stares hint that she has a “desire to stop” taking part in West’s shenanigans.

The pair  in a non-legally-binding ceremony in January.

Speaking of wedding bells, West went viral over the weekend after reportedly in Florence.