These Warm Desserts Are Best Served on a Chilly Night

Will Dickey

Baking from scratch is one of the greatest joys in life. But let's face it, sometimes having to wait to dig in feels like such sweet torture. Most recipes that call for you to cool them do so for a reason: either they have to set up like or the flavors taste better after they rest. There are some magical desserts, however, that are the opposite. Eat them immediately and they taste so delicious and comforting while still hot—we're talking about warm desserts!

Now you might immediately think of the colder months when you think of warm dessert recipes. And we get it! There are so many and that are pure, sweet coziness on a plate. The alone could take up this whole list. But don't forget all the seasonal fruit come spring and summer for all those and crisps. Need another example? There's even a fried ice cream recipe on this list. So really, warm desserts can be made and served any time of year. They're even better when served with a round of !

Name a flavor and you're sure to find a warm dessert that's right for you. There are , , yummy , and lots of that will make you so grateful that you don't have to wait a second longer to sample the sweetness. So what are you waiting for? The faster you bake, the faster you eat!

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