Here's How to Make Ree's Perfect Pound Cake Recipe

The Pioneer Woman

This is a beautiful, moist, flavorful, delicious, yummy, happy pound cake…and it contains lemon-lime pop.

Important question: do you say “pop” to describe soft drinks? I do. I tried to resist it, I did…but soft drinks are “pop” around here in , and it’s cemented in my lexicon forever.

This is a version of the old 7-Up cakes many of us enjoyed in the seventies, and this isn’t the first dessert I’ve shared with you that incorporates pop. Have you tried the ? If not…. They’re evil. And they must be destroyed. This pound cake must be destroyed, too. But not until after you try it once! Just kidding... it's my daughter’s favorite—“This is the best cake of my whole life,” she says. See if you agree!

Serve it alone with a cup of for a mid-morning snack or second breakfast or as a scrumptious dessert with ice cream and raspberry sauce, or with and . It’s a versatile, yummy pound cake that’ll add a little joy to your life.