How to Make the Best Sausage Stuffing for the Holidays

Danielle Daly

Whether you prefer to serve it up as a dressing in a casserole dish or love all the flavorful juices it absorbs when stuffed in the bird, this sausage stuffing will be the true hero of Thanksgiving. The  may be the centerpiece at most feasts, but there is a general consensus that everyone is really there for the . This holiday can muster up dreams of thick, rich  cascading over mountains of ,  topped with crispy breadcrumbs, or gooey marshmallows perched on top of silky . But no Thanksgiving meal would be complete without a giant scoop of stuffing. Think of it as a savory bread pudding that practically screams “Thanksgiving.”

What is the best bread for sausage stuffing?

Stuffing originated from a need to use up stale bread (in a crazy delicious way). With this in mind, any  can be used for stuffing: white sandwich bread, French bread, challah, brioche, , or even hot dog buns will do in a pinch. Tangy sourdough and seed-filled multigrain bread might not be best, however. 

If you’re short on time, 22 cups of stale bread cubes can be used in place of the oven-dried bread in this recipe. This recipe makes use of hearty white sandwich bread and French bread. The large chunks of crusty French bread hold their shape very nicely in the dish and help create a golden, crisp topping. White sandwich bread is surprisingly perfect for stuffing because it creates a soft, fluffy, pudding-like texture. Some recipes suggest adding an egg to bind the stuffing into a custard, but this bread eliminates the need!

What kind of sausage is best for sausage stuffing?

This recipe calls for plain pork breakfast sausage for its neutral seasonings. This recipe would still be delicious with spicy Italian sausage, sage sausage, or even turkey sausage. Any breakfast sausages sweetened with maple is best saved for a convenient make-ahead (perfect for those busy holiday mornings!).