Kelly Clarkson openly locks lips with Brett Eldredge following a tumultuous divorce from Brandon!

Kelly Clarkson, who recently went through a divorce, has found solace in the company of country singer Brett Eldredge. The two have been working together on a collaborative Christmas song and have developed a close bond. However, rumors of flirting between them have surfaced. Clarkson, who is still recovering from her painful divorce, should proceed with caution. In June, Clarkson filed for divorce from her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock, but she has chosen to keep the details of their separation private due to their children's involvement.

Despite the difficulties she has faced, Clarkson is in a better place now and is looking forward to the future. As she navigates her newfound single life, it's important for Clarkson to prioritize her healing process. Jumping into a new romantic relationship so soon after a divorce may not be the best decision for her emotional well-being. It's crucial for her to take the time to heal and reflect on herself before considering a new romantic connection. While the public may be eager to see Clarkson moving on and finding happiness again, it's essential for her to prioritize self-care and understanding before diving into a new relationship. Clarkson's fans and well-wishers hope that she takes her time to heal and find true happiness on her own terms.