Shawn Kemp reveals what prevented him from being traded for Scottie Pippen in 1994: "There was a threat to torch the stadium!"

In 1994, there was a potential blockbuster trade in the NBA that could have reunited Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen in a different city. The trade involved Pippen going to the Seattle Sonics in exchange for Shawn Kemp. However, this trade was halted due to the strong opposition from the city of Seattle. Shawn Kemp recently shared the reason why this trade did not go through. He revealed, "They were going to burn down the stadium!" This statement highlights the level of passion and loyalty that the Seattle fans had for Kemp and their team. It also emphasizes the intense backlash and uproar that would have occurred if the trade had been completed. This potential trade would have been a game-changer for both teams. Jordan and Pippen, who had achieved great success together on the Chicago Bulls, could have formed an unstoppable duo in Seattle. Additionally, Kemp, a talented power forward, would have brought valuable skills and athleticism to the Bulls.

However, despite the trade having the potential to greatly impact both teams, it ultimately did not happen. We will never know how things could have turned out if Pippen had joined the Sonics and Kemp had become a Bull. The city of Seattle's strong opposition to the trade ultimately prevented this potential game-changer from taking place, and we are left to speculate on what might have been.