"I'm Not Just a Driver, I'm Enslaved": Michael Jordan’s Close Friend, Worth $2.2 Billion, Reveals the Reality of Working for the 6x Champ

Michael Jordan, with a net worth of $2.2 billion, has always had to be wary of true friends in his life. Many people have tried to use his fame and wealth for their own gain. However, Jordan's closest friends are those he made before he became famous. One of his closest friends is George Koehler, who provided personal car service to Jordan when he was just a rookie. Koehler once said, "I'm not his driver, I'm his slave." This shows the level of loyalty and trust between the two. Another close friend of Jordan's was Charles Barkley. During their NBA days, they were inseparable, often seen golfing and gambling together.

However, their friendship hit a rough patch when Barkley criticized Jordan's front office management skills on air. This criticism led to a 15+ year silence between the two. This incident highlights Jordan's willingness to cut ties with those he perceives as disloyal. He values loyalty above all else and is not afraid to distance himself from those who do not meet his standards. In conclusion, Michael Jordan has had to be cautious about true friends throughout his life. He knows that many people are attracted to his fame and wealth. However, his closest friends are those who were by his side before he became famous. The incident with Charles Barkley shows Jordan's willingness to cut ties with those he perceives to be disloyal. Loyalty is a core value for him, and he values it above all else.