Warm Up on Chilly Mornings With Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal


Danielle Daly

There is nothing as warming or comforting on chilly mornings as a steaming bowl of oatmeal. Tender oats lightly sweetened with brown sugar and apple, this porridge is hearty enough to fuel entire mornings and still tastes like dessert for breakfast (score)! Plus, this can be easily doubled for the whole family; a little spoonful of peanut butter or a sprinkle of brown sugar will surely entice the kiddos. Just a few minutes at the stove, and this is ready to be enjoyed with Ree Drummond’s favorite: a nice cup of



Is it better to make apple cinnamon oatmeal with water or with milk?

In a surprising turn of events, making oatmeal with water instead of milk produces a superior bowl of oats! Cooking oatmeal in milk can make for a sticky, gloopy bowl of oatmeal. For the creamiest, most tender oatmeal, use a 2-to-1 ratio of water to old-fashioned oats or follow the recommended measurements on your package of oats. Dairy lovers, don’t fret! A few tablespoons of warm cream or a spoonful of yogurt on top of these oats provides delicious richness without compromising texture.

What kind of apples are best with apple cinnamon oatmeal?

This recipe will work marvelously with any apple, but it will be especially great with “baking apples.” These are apples that hold their shape and have a satisfyingly crisp texture, even when cooked. Easily found in the supermarket, they include varieties such as Granny Smith, Honeycrisp, Braeburn, Pink Lady, and Gala.