Make This Slow Cooker Brisket for Your Sunday Supper

Will Dickey

The easiest and best are the ones that don't involve  stovetop cooking, like this rich and tender slow cooker brisket flavored with onion soup mix. Perfectly tender and extremely flavorful with just a touch of sweetness, it's a hearty  main course that's worthy of your or holiday dinner menu—whether it's or .

For best results, place the meat fat side-down in the slow cooker (since the heat comes from below) and place the thyme, garlic, and bay leaves directly on the brisket to add even more flavor to the meat during cooking. Then, scatter the vegetables on top of, not below, the brisket to avoid overcooking.

Got leftovers? Slice the meat for sandwiches or check out our tips for .

Can you overcook brisket in the slow cooker? 

Though cooking in a typically reduces chances of human error, especially when it comes to overcooking, nothing is impossible. Brisket should be incredibly tender, but still sliceable. You're not going for the pulled, fall-apart effect here. Start checking on the meat according to the time recommendations in the recipe and you'll be golden.

Should brisket be submerged in the slow cooker? 

The meat doesn't need to be swimming in broth, but yes, it should be at least partially submerged. Here, 2 1/2 cups is plenty for a 3-pound piece of meat. A bit of whisked into the liquid helps add body to the sauce.