Larry Bird shares his honest opinion on Scottie Pippen: "Remove Michael and Scottie drops to fifth place on the team"

Larry Bird, a legendary basketball player himself, recently shared his opinion on Scottie Pippen's abilities. Bird believes that without Michael Jordan, Pippen would not have been as successful as he was during their time together on the Chicago Bulls. According to Bird, Jordan was the one who truly made Pippen into a great player. However, not everyone agrees with Bird's assessment. 

Paul Pierce, another Celtics legend, thinks highly of Pippen's skills and believes that he could have accomplished a lot on his own. Pierce argues that for a duo to be successful, one player must be willing to sacrifice, and Pippen did just that for Jordan. He also highlights Pippen's performance when Jordan temporarily left the Bulls, demonstrating that Pippen was capable of being a top player without Jordan by his side. 

Despite differing opinions, one thing is clear: both Jordan and Pippen were extraordinary players, whether as individuals or as a duo. Their contributions to the game of basketball have solidified their legacies and continue to inspire future generations.