Easy Ways to Clean 11 Hard-to-Reach Places Around the House

Keeping a clean home involves more than just tidying up the visible areas. It's important to address the hidden spots as well. By doing so, you can reduce dust, eliminate bacteria, and maintain a healthy living environment.

Here are 11 areas that often go unnoticed but should still be cleaned regularly:

1. Ceiling Fans and Light Fixtures: Use a disposable duster with an extendable handle or a clean microfiber cloth secured to a broom handle to capture dust and spider webs.

2. Ceilings and Moldings: Use a long-handled duster, clean sponge mop, or broom to remove dust and debris from the ceiling and crown moldings. Start here before vacuuming the room.

3. Cabinet Tops and Tall Furniture: Use a disposable duster with a pivoting head to reach the tops of cabinets and tall furniture. For kitchen cabinets with accumulated grease, clean them with warm water, dishwashing liquid, and household ammonia.

4. Window Blinds: Close the blinds and clean one side at a time with a static duster or wrap microfiber cloths around kitchen tongs to clean both sides simultaneously.

5. Window, Sliding Door, and Shower Door Tracks: Remove screens and vacuum the dust and grime. Scrub the tracks with a solution of warm water, dishwashing liquid, and household ammonia, then rinse with plain water.

6. Behind the Toilet: Use knee pads and rubber gloves to clean the floor and wall behind the toilet. Start by using a dry stiff brush to remove loose dust and dirt, then wipe down the area with warm water and a disinfectant cleaner.

7. Refrigerator Coils: Roll out the refrigerator and vacuum the dust off the coils using the upholstery brush attachment. Clean the condenser fan and remove any accumulated debris from the corners.

8. Dishwasher Filter: Remove the bottom rack and clean the filter with a soft, damp cloth. Soak the removable filter in warm soapy water and wipe off debris before reinstalling.

9. Garbage Disposal: Run the disposal with cold water and grind citrus peels or ice cubes sprinkled with baking soda to eliminate odors. Use a scrubbing brush and baking soda to clean the interior while ensuring the electricity is turned off.

10. Heating and Air Register Covers: If possible, remove the vent covers and clean them outside using a water hose. Alternatively, rinse them in a sink or soak them in soapy water.

11. Computer Keyboards: Disconnect the keyboard from the computer or turn off the laptop and shake out any debris over a trash can. Use compressed air to blow away dust and small particles, then clean between and on top of the keys using a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. By paying attention to these often overlooked areas, you can maintain a clean and healthy home. Don't forget to clean your cell phone, computer mouse, and earbuds as well.