Sarah Drew Explains the Exit of April Kepner on Grey's Anatomy: What Really Happened?

April Kepner, a character on Grey's Anatomy, was introduced in the show's sixth season during the hospital's merger with Mercy West Hospital. Initially disliked by her colleagues, April faced challenges such as stepping on toes and her crush on Dr. Derek Shepherd. However, her biggest storylines emerged as she explored her religious beliefs and developed a close relationship with Dr. Jackson Avery. After a while, April resigned from the hospital to focus on providing medical care for the homeless.

This marked her final appearance in the season 14 finale, leaving many viewers wondering why Sarah Drew, the actress who portrayed April, decided to leave the series. Initially contracted for only two episodes, Drew later signed on for the rest of season six. She then became a main cast member in season seven and went on to star in a total of 202 episodes of the ABC show. While the exact reason for Sarah Drew's departure from Grey's Anatomy has not been officially disclosed, it is believed that it was a creative decision based on the direction the show wanted to take with April's character.