Young Sheldon: Mckenna Grace's Support to Raegan Revord Following Her Traumatic S6 Episode

During the filming of "Young Sheldon" Season 6, Episode 16, Raegan Revord, who plays Missy Cooper, faced a challenging time. In the episode, Missy runs away from home after feeling overshadowed by her twin brother, Sheldon, and witnessing her parents' constant arguments. However, Revord's personal struggles were not limited to her character's storyline. She had recently been involved in a car accident with her mother, which caused her to experience panic attacks. These panic attacks became particularly intense during the filming of the episode, making it even more challenging for Revord to perform. Thankfully, her co-star Mckenna Grace, who portrays Missy's friend Paige on the show, was there to offer support. Grace provided comfort and reassurance to Revord both on and off-screen, helping her through this traumatic time. Their friendship and understanding of each other allowed Revord to feel safe and supported, enabling her to focus on her work and overcome the difficulties she was facing.

Moreover, Iain Armitage, who plays Sheldon in the series, also showed his support for Revord. He sent her flowers after her accident, showcasing his care and concern for his co-star. This kind gesture served as a reminder that the cast and crew of "Young Sheldon" are a tight-knit family that stands by each other in times of need. Revord's work family also played a crucial role in helping her through this challenging period. Although it was undoubtedly tough for Revord to return to work after her accident, she found the strength to push through. With the support of her co-stars and crew, she was able to overcome her anxiety and continue performing her role as Missy. In conclusion, the filming of "Young Sheldon" Season 6, Episode 16 was not easy for Raegan Revord, who faced personal challenges during this time. However, her co-star Mckenna Grace stood by her side, offering unwavering support and comfort.