Have Leftover Turkey? Use It to Bake This Glorious Pot Pie

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Even if you've planned your  perfectly, you'll probably still have  once the big meal is over. If you're looking for something to do with your extra turkey, here’s the recipe for my delicious pot pie. You can make it with chicken or … whatever’s in your fridge. You may even have leftover onion and celery from the —even better! Just make sure to pair it with leftover —if there are any!

What is turkey pot pie made of?

It's just like , but with turkey! The filling is made with vegetables like onion, carrot, celery, and green peas. It becomes creamy thanks to some buttah, flour, broth, and heavy cream. I sometimes like to add a splash of wine to the filling, but you can leave it out if your family is like mine and doesn't like the taste. For the turkey, you can use dark meat or light meat, and can shred or dice it. It's up to you. The top is just a simple pie crust! Any crust works: Use store-bought or frozen puff pastry, or dive into the depths of your freezer to find the from that you never got around to baking.

What's the best way to reheat turkey pot pie?

You can cover the whole dish with foil and reheat the pot pie in a 350ºF oven. Depending on how much is left, it could take 10 to 20 minutes. Just be sure not to place your dish into the oven directly from the fridge. It could shatter, and who wants to clean up shards of glass and turkey from the bottom of an oven until the end of time?  Not me. 

Go ahead and stick the dish in the oven while it preheats or let it hang out on the counter for 15 minutes or so before you put it in the oven. 

How long does turkey pot pie last in the fridge?

It'll stay good for about 3 days. Make sure to wrap leftovers tightly in plastic wrap or place the pot pie in airtight container to keep it as fresh as possible.