These Jump Rope HIIT Workouts Will Torch Fat


THE isn’t just for elementary school gym class.

The classic tool has so much to offer to your fitness routine, especially if you have the bad habit of skipping out on cardio training. Even so, you probably haven’t reached for a rope since your days on the playground. As many athletes can tell you—particularly in the martial arts and combat sports world—you’ve been missing out on a heck of a workout.

“The jump rope is one of the most under-utilized, yet effective pieces of equipment that should be in every fitness enthusiast's gym bag,” says , C.S.C.S., of Reardon Strength Training.

Turns out, the gym teachers knew what they were talking about.


Jump roping has one of the most effective cardio exercises. In , a group of participants who jumped rope for 10 minutes a day showed the same cardiovascular improvements as a group who jogged for 30 minutes a day. Jump roping can help “increase athletic endurance and develop short term burst and power," Reardon says.

There are more benefits of jump rope workouts than just the basic physiological effects. They’re inexpensive tools, and as long as you have the room to swing the rope, you can do a workout just about anywhere. Skip around for 10 minutes between work meetings on a break, or use it as a warm up to your leg day.


around the park with a quick skipping session and you never need to worry about your running route again. Watch the excuses fall away with this simple piece of equipment.

Plus, there’s a reason you enjoyed it so much when you were a kid— skipping rope is engaging, and dare we say it, fun. If you haven’t tried to skip since elementary school, there are a few things to remember when picking up the rope. Here,, Top Trainer and Golden Gloves Champ, lays out the basics.

Once you have the basics of the jump rope down, use it in your training as a warm up or a stand in for the cardio routine you've found yourself skipping most often.


Even though the rope is more engaging than logging miles on the treadmill, you should still keep yourself focused by doing more than just a set period of time or a fixed number of skips, so check out this countdown workout to get started.

The Jump Rope Workouts

Skip on both feet for 10 skips, then shift to your right foot for 10 skips, then your left for 10 skips. Go back to both feet for 9 skips, then right and left for 9 each. Keep dropping a rep until you hit zero.

Why You Should Add Jump Ropes to HIIT Workouts

Once you're really a rope pro, add a jump rope to


, and you're in for a hell of a workout. It'll be quick, too—you won't have to spend the hours on the treadmill you might have for otherwise similar results.

“Finding time to get a workout in on a day to day basis is a challenge,” says Reardon. “HIIT workouts can be as short as 15 to 20 minutes, but it will provide the individual with a good caloric burn.”

Just don't overdo it. Too much HIIT can of stress hormones in the body, which can have adverse effects. To be safe, tackle a HIIT workout about once a week— especially if you're adding onto a weight training program.

Check out this helpful video from


to learn some new HIIT moves to add to your jump rope playbook. There's way more to do than just boring skipping in place, so spice up your routines with these variations.

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These HIIT workouts use a jump rope and body weight moves that will push your cardio to the next level. Skip as many times as possible using proper form in the allotted time.


Repeat each circuit three to five times, unless otherwise noted.

The Basic - Easy

The Jack and Squat - Medium

The Tabata Burn - Medium

The Fighter - Hard

The AMRAP - Hard

Set a timer for 20 minutes. Complete as many rounds of the following circuit as you can during that time.

Skipmaggedon - Intense

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