I’m a love pro — here are my top tips on finding your forever person

She’s sharing the how-to on snagging your ideal boo.

Landing the lover of your dreams can sometimes feel like a nightmarish challenge. Hopeless romantics looking to hook a long-term honey often find themselves gloomily trudging through the ransacked dating world, which is plagued by ne’er-do-wells .    

But an expert in the area of amour is now offering up a series of hot hints on how wannabe wives and hubbies can score a storybook soulmate — and avoid being taken for a ride. 

“I’m a therapist and these are my five best dating tips if you’re dating with the intention of finding your person and settling down into a serious relationship,” announced London-based specialist Annie Zimmerman, , to her more than 343,000 TikTok followers. 

In her viral post with nearly 28,000 views, Zimmerman rattled off a quick list of dating do’s and don’ts — such as acquire the characteristics of your perfect partner and fall for a roller-coaster romance — aimed at redirecting lost lovers towards their happy ending. 

Here is for catching a keeper. 

Value you 

And grateful online audiences applauded her guidance.  

“I needed this thank you so much,” fawned a fan. 

“I wish I’d seen this a year ago,” confessed another commenter. “But I’m better and wiser for the heartbreak I went through.”

“This is why I’m still single today,” another chimed. “Had plenty of opportunities but all of them were tips 2, 3, 4, and/or 5. Working on being tip 1. Frustrating.”

And it’s true — embodying the traits of the person your perfect mate can be difficult. 

In fact, Manhattan-based dating coach Amy Nobile, who charges upwards of $10,000 for her specialized sweetheart services, told The Post that she often in order to reel in the lasting love they desire. 

“You’re teaching yourself about your own needs, requirements, the things that bring you joy,” she said. “When you’re loving yourself, you become a magnet that attracts love from others.”